Specifications and Plans

The development boasts of over 13,000 sqm of contemporary real estate spanning 12 floors, with multi-storey car park for 670 cars, a 5000 seater concert hall, other multi purpose halls sitting over 2000, indoor amusement for children, shopping strip, two cinema halls, a gymnasium, rooftop swimming pool, helipad, rooftop tennis court, food court, games arcade, medical Centre, café & restaurant, banking halls, ATM Gallery and lots more.

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Lettable space

The office complex aims to exceed the needs and expectations of corporate occupants, whilst upholding an architectural design that takes the high space efficiency into consideration in each floor space. The lettable space in each building can be found in the schedule below.

Space description Tower 1 Tower 2 Tower 3
Banking Halls 215m² 215m²
1st floor
Lower concert hall
Upper concert halls
5th floor
6th floor (Food court/Restaurant) 1,050m²
7th floor (Recreation Space/ Movie Theatre) 1,785m²
8th floor 525m² 525m² 525m²
9th floor 525m² 525m² 525m²
10th floor 525m² 525m² 525m²
11th floor 525m² 525m² 525m²
12th floor 525m² 525m² 525m²


Ground Floor Plan

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Fifth Floor Plan

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Ninth Floor Plan

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Entry Floor Plan

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Sixth Floor Plan

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Tenth FLoor Plan

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Lower concert hall

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Seventh Floor Plan

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Eleventh Floor Plan

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Upper roof deck Helipad floor plan

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Upper concert hall

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EigHth Floor Plan

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Twelfth Floor Plan

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